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About us

Excellerated Growth Agency prides itself on delivering value and a higher level conscious approach to business. Our unique approach includes, heart-centered sales, aligned marketing, break through strategies, conscious personal development and mission driven results.

Excellerated Growth Agency

Excellerated Growth Agency is a professional coaching and consulting organization with an emphasis on marketing, sales training and strategic planning. We help start-ups, and small-to-medium business owners that are looking to get a consistent stream of leads break through their ceilings and create a consistent flow of clients.

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Our Founder

Maria Martinez

Our founder Maria Martinez is an internationally renowned entrepreneur and business growth leader, recognized for her work, her appearances on TV, and in the Wall Street Journal. With a focus on the Divine and the person behind the business, her mission is to help people find their gifts, life purpose, access their full potential and achieve happiness and prosperity.

Since 2014, when Maria founded her professional coaching and consulting business’. Maria’s holistic approach to Wealth, Success & abundance has changed over 10,000 of her client’s lives.

Her client’s discovered that when working with Maria, they uncovered strategies beyond typical business growth and
marketing speak. Her clients overcame business fatigue and personal overwhelm – characteristics important for one’s happiness and health as they devote years and countless hours building towards a lifestyle that they got to choose on their own accord.

Maria’s focus isn’t just about automating the kind of business pipeline which allows a consistent flow of clients that
fills calendars with qualified high-end clients.

It is about helping her clients achieve their greater vision of their life. By facilitating growth and success in their business her clients experience more freedom, more joy, more balance, more happiness and overall wellbeing.

When working with Maria, client’s take on a profound new paradigm of Wealth Consciousness. A practice which aligns business growth with new wealth creation perspectives that clients experience and embody as they access a deeper level of confidence, courage, certainty and abundance within themselves.


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